Combining over 25 years of experience to push for sustainable packaging

We understand that some aspects of your packaging’s performance can’t be changed, however some elements you may be willing to accept in exchange for meaningful sustainability gains. We work closely with our customers to fulfil their sustainability aspirations.

If we aren’t already developing a packaging that fits your performance and sustainability needs, our experienced and knowledgeable in-house design team can help you find the solutions that don’t currently exist.

Whether you want packaging made from the leftover materials from processed sugarcane, or recycled and recyclable plastics, we have a full complement of innovative sustainability options.

Need help with reaching your sustainable packaging goals?

Berry Punnet

Compostable Berry Punnets

A simple resealable pack that offers all the functionality without the plastic footprint.

Packaging Materials - Punnets

Our Packaging Materials

Consumers have varying impressions of what it means to be sustainable. We help you accommodate those varying interests by offering products made from a range of different materials.

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Love sustainable packaging? Punchbowl Packaging is now even easier to business with. Check out our fibre punnet range developed for fresh produce growers and packers. Or take a look at some of our other sustainable solutions we’ve added to the bowl. There’s takeaway packaging, platters, sushi containers and other great options for food service!

Recycle Punnet Graphic

Packaging Life Cycle

When considering your best sustainability options, look at the 3 main areas that make up the Packaging Life Cycle.

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