At Punchbowl Packaging, we are throwing our 25 years' of packaging experience in behind the push for sustainability in packaging.
We understand there will be some aspects of performance which are largely non-negotiable and others the customer will be willing to accept in exchange for meaningful sustainability gains.
So, we work closely with our customers to fulfil their sustainability aspirations. Often we are already producing a packaging option which fits their performance and sustainability needs; if not we take great joy in utilising our top-flight in-house design team to find solutions where none currently exist.
Whether you want packaging made from the leftover materials from processed wheat straw, or recycled and recylable plastics, we have a full complement of innovative sustainability options.
Sustainability will be a large part of Punchbowl's focus going forward; Increasingly, it's built in to every aspect of our work.
Call us today - we'd love to help you realise your sustainable packaging goals.

Compostable Berry Punnet

A simple resealable pack that offers all the functionality without the plastic footprint.

  • 85% less plastic than standard plastics packaging.
  • Renewable wheat straw base.
  • Compostable wheat straw base.
  • Recyclable PET closure.

The first punnet of its kind on New Zealand shelves, drawing on the latest sustainable trends in Europe. This product was tested by our own group of companies across a number of Auckland supermarkets, with excellent consumer feedback. Read more (HYPERLINK TO CASE STUDY).

Recyclable Lid
Recyclable Lid Compostable Base
Compostable Base

Our Packaging Materials

Consumers have varying impressions of what it means to be sustainable. We help you accommodate those varying interests by offering products made from a range of different materials. We can scan our range and choose packaging options to suit the unique requirements of your product and the sustainability goals of your consumers.

This means we can have options to help reduce your environmental impact, whether you are measuring footprint, compostability, recycled content or any other measure of sustainable production.

Many new, leading-edge sustainable options can be costly; we pride ourselves on challenging the norm to find combinations of materials that allow you the opportunity to reduce your packaging footprint without costing the earth:

  • Wheat Straw - A traditional waste stream from wheat harvest.
  • Sugarcane - A waste stream from sugar production.
  • Bio Plastics - Reducing reliance on petrochemical products.
  • Compostable plastics - Supporting local eco-friendly initiatives for household waste.
  • Paper - FSC or traditionally sourced paper.
  • Recyclable materials - common plastics such as HDPE, LDPE, RPET, RPET, PP.

Packaging Life Cycle

When considering your best sustainability options, look at the 3 main areas that make up the Packaging Life Cycle.

  • Where do the materials come from and how are they sourced?
  • How does the packaging impact on the packing process?
  • What effect on the environment is there after the packaging has been used and disposed of?

Design and Sustainability

You will be surprised at how easily you can make simple changes to reduce your environmental impact and enhance your brand value. It isn't always expensive and it isn't always difficult.

We have an experienced and clever design team that aren’t afraid of challenging the norm. We'll show you how to reduce your packaging footprint, and streamline your packaging operation. Let us help.