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Not only were we Gold Winner in the 2019 PIDA Sustainable Packaging Design Awards for our in-house designed Kaituna Blueberries user-friendly peel-able, re-sealable, tamper-proof top seal fibre punnets - we also went on to win two WorldStar Packaging Awards in 2020 for it! 


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of crafting innovation

Punchbowl Packaging is renowned for exceptional service and world-leading packaging solutions. Increasingly, we are being asked to find environmentally considerate packaging alternatives, and this is where our 25 years' experience and authentic innovative spirit really makes a difference. We work hard to understand clients so we can create or locate the perfect packaging to meet their needs. We'd love to have a conversation about how our established family-owned and operated business could help you.

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We focus on understanding our clients: every day, we look for ways to add value

We take pride in working hard to understand our clients' requirements - in detail. After 25 years, we know that's what makes the difference. Working together, we find packaging solutions that are innovative, modern and environmentally considerate.

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