Moondarra Blueberries


Moondarra Blueberries is one of Australia’s leading producers of blueberries, and propagators of blueberry plants. Moving on from their existing PETclamshells and bowls, Moondarra began trialling multiple forms of functional alternative packaging. They were determined to find a sustainable form of packaging to set them apart from the rest.

“The packaging meets all of our expectations and our customers’ expectations. It’s the way forward- the only way forward for Moondarra and Punchbowl Packaging helped us with that. We wouldn’t be able to do it without them.” Kate Prezioso - Moondarra Blueberries

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EastPack Washer Road - Case Study with Jed Butler

EastPack is one of the largest kiwifruit postharvest operators in the industry.

Jed Butler from EastPack talks us through the process of doing business with Punchbowl Automation, showing how smooth it can be implementing the efficient Niverplast Speediplast machines.

Listen more to hear Jed speak about the Journey with Punchbowl Packaging/Automation.

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image of EastPack Washer Road - Case Study with Jed Butler


New Zealand Gourmet Ltd is a vertically integrated grower and supplier of fresh produce. We were able to meet with the team at Gourmet Mokai and get a full run through of the operation for growing and packing campari truss tomatoes.

A big thank you to Roelf Schreuder for sharing the journey with Punchbowl Packaging\\\'s. Roelf has an adaptable and willing attitude, accompanied with deep-seated knowledge in the horticulture industry. When going through the packaging development process, Roelf knew the key elements to knocking off some big packaging goals for New Zealand Gourmet.

At Gourmet Mokai, they strive to continuously improve their sustainability model. Glasshouses are heated by the local geothermal field. CO2 from the Taranaki gas fields is also used to support plant growth. The campari variety is grown as a winter crop in glasshouses under LED lights. These lights help increase production during the cold weather, as well as improve its taste and Vitamin C level.

Hear from Roelf Schreuder and see how this quality produce is displayed in quality packaging. Aiden Sharp helps demonstrate our process to tackle packaging challenges together and create long lasting partnerships.

Also a big thank you to Lochana Wijesundera from Lochana Media for the outstanding camera work, you passion and creativity shines through in your videography.

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