PIDA Gold Winner

Punchbowl Packaging were the Gold Winner in Sustainable Packaging Design – Materials in the Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards 2019.

A special category in the PIDAs, we won with our Kaituna Blueberries user-friendly peel-able, re-sealable, tamper-proof top seal fibre punnets.

WorldStar Packaging Award

Following the PIDA Gold Winner Award, Punchbowl Packaging were then awarded two WorldStar Packaging Awards in the categories 'Packaging Materials & Components' and 'Food Category' for Kaituna Blueberries Fibre Punnets – global recognition for the design.

Our approach to this packaging was to deliver a sustainable solution with simplistic design, while ensuring a range of ‘end-of-life’ options.

The punnet is made from renewable unbleached wheat straw and is compostable in both home and industrial compost systems. The high pulp yield means it is also suitable for recycling streams. Kaituna also developed reuse opportunities for the punnet as seedling plant pots.

  • 95% less plastic than a standard plastic clamshell
  • 10% weight reduction per package
  • Top seal lidding can be recycled through REDCycle.
World Packaging Organisation - Award

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