Punchbowl Packaging partners with Dutch automation experts, Niverplast, to bring world-leading products to New Zealand.
As exclusive agents for the horticulture industry in New Zealand, Punchbowl Packaging can help you access Niverplast's extensive experience in automating packing lines across a multitude of industries and Countries.
Punchbowl Packaging focuses on delivering a complete packaging solution for customers, and Niverplast’s high quality equipment offers us a world of options when hunting for the perfect solution to suit each customer.

Niverplast – Easyplast

The Easyplast is a simple, yet fast, bag-in-box machine delivering some of the fastest speeds possible in the world.

Its simplicity and reliability are what make this one of the most popular machines worldwide.

  • More than 16 bags per minute
  • No down time for bag change over
  • Precise in-carton bag placement
  • Consistent bag length and sealing
  • Interchangeable bag, from automated to manual bagging

Kiwifruit Packhouse Integration

This video shows two Easyplast machines set up in parallel, offering speed and a great deal of flexibility.

As a complementary addition to any package purchased, our experienced automation team will help you design the most efficient set-up to integrate with any packing line.

Ask us how we can help streamline your tray prep feed area, as well as other key areas of the packing process.

Niverplast Range

From carton erectors, to bag placing, to bag filling and sealing machines, Niverplast have a solution to suit any process.

Take a look at the link below to find the solution that is right for you.

Easyplast Machine

Find out more - Niverplast - Easyplast.pdf

Speediplast Machine

Find out more - Niverplast - Speediplast.pdf

Speedifold Machine

Find out more - Niverplast - Speedifold.pdf

Niverplast - Varioseal

Niverplast - Folding

Niverplast - Twist Tie

Niverplast - Robot Palletisers

Niverplast - Box Closer

Niverplast - Bagging