Research & Development

We have an experienced and clever design team that aren’t afraid of challenging the norm. We'll show you how to reduce your packaging footprint, and streamline your packaging operation.

Punchbowl Packaging are invested in providing you with more sustainable, and custom designed packaging solutions. We a specialised and expert research and development team

With so much sustainable greenwashing out there, we saw the absolute need to have an internal R&D team available to cut through to the facts.

This enables us to know the materials on the market and explore their makeup and integrity to find which materials, at which density, are fit for purpose alternatives to PET. We can then delve into the design opportunities and different uses available to ensure your fit for purpose packaging solution.

Dedicated internal team of R&D

External teams are contracted if required

All Manufacturers have the top food grade award BCRGS Certification

Custom material and product design available

Full customer support experience

Need a new packaging design?

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Devoting our extensive expertise to solve your packaging conundrum.

Start your Packaging journey today

  We'll make it...

If the type of packaging you require doesn't yet exist, we'll have a crack at creating it.

  We'll source it...

It does exist, we'll find it for you

  We've already got it...

Chances are we'll already have exactly what you're after in our product range; our existing range of products is stacked with innovative takes on standard packaging; durable, fit for purpose, designer quality, highest level of food safety certification.

Packaging options which respect the environment are among our most popular innovations. More and more customers are eager to fulfil consumer demands for environmentally-friendly packaging. Therefore we have developed many products, such as compostable fibre punnets and trays, compostable resealable film lids, RPET lids and compostable string are among our other offerings.

  And we're not done yet...

Punchbowl packaging is a company born out of innovation and we won't stand still. Every day, we are learning and hunting for new solutions. If you have a packaging need that isn't being met now, or that you can see will require some fresh thinking very soon, contact our team today.

The sooner we set our experienced innovation nous on the job, the sooner you'll have your game-changing solution.

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