We are determined to keep finding ways to achieve sustainability without compromising the integrity and strength of the packaging. Our vision - Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, RETHINK - is driven by our desire to find solutions as customers come under growing global pressure to reduce the volume of plastic going into waste streams and ending up in our oceans, landfill and environment.

Inclusion at the Aldi Sustainability event in July 2019 gave us a chance to showcase new artwork developed
to show the journey of the Kaituna Blueberry Punnets.
The artwork illustrates how we work with customers and suppliers to RETHINK packaging,
creating solutions that meets all aspects of the brief

"Innovate or Die"

- Peter Drucker

Innovation is at the core of our company's DNA.

Punchbowl Packaging was itself an innovation; a response to the lack of packaging options for the post-harvest arm of the punchbowl group of companies.

We couldn't find what we needed, so we set up our own customer-centric packaging company.

And, 25 years later, that focus on meeting customer needs has never left us.

We love to devote our extensive expertise to finding new ways to solve a customer's packaging conundrum.


If the type of packaging you require doesn't yet exist, we'll have a crack at creating it.


It does exist, we'll scour the earth to find it for you at the best possible price.


Chances are we'll already have exactly what you're after in our product range; our existing range of products is stacked with innovative takes on standard packaging.

We innovate to create stronger options, we innovate to create cheaper options and, increasingly, we are being asked to innovate to create more environmentally-friendly options.

Packaging options which respect the environment are among our most popular innovations.
More and more customers are eager to fulfil consumer demands for environmentally-friendly packaging we have developed many products, such as compostable fibre punnets and trays, and added pet/rpet lids or top seal solutions, compostable netting and and tray seal are out other offerings


Punchbowl packaging is a company borne out of innovation and we won't stand still. Every day, we are learning and hunting and innovating - seeking new solutions. If you have a packaging need that isn't being met now, or that you can see will require some fresh thinking very soon, contact our team today.

The sooner we set our experienced innovation nous on the job, the sooner you'll have your game-changing solution.