Lumilys - smart reflective groundcover for more perfectly coloured fruit

More light, more colour, more profit, quick install

PAR* (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) light is crucial for the reddening of your apples, especially in the last few weeks before their first harvest.

Lumilys® groundcover was developed to provide optimal light reflection into the heart of your apple orchard.

  • + 30% more light in all types of weather
  • Optimal red colouring
  • Quick installation.

Download your Lumilys® Smart Reflective Groundcover Leaflet here


  • +30% more light in all types of weather
    Lumily's Reflectamat brings more PAR* light into the depths of your orchard, whatever region or climate you work in.

  • Return after 1 to 2 seasons
    Lumily's is a worthwhile investment, resulting in meaurable better first harvest. This immediately boosts your profits. With proven returns you recoup the full investment after one to two seasons.

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