About Us

Punchbowl Packaging

Punchbowl Packaging is a proud family-owned and operated business based in the vege-growing mecca of Pukekohe, New Zealand. The business began in the 1980s with founder Rob Craig sourcing and distributing packaging to a number of local horticultural packhouses. A lot has changed for us since those early days; we have grown to offer a wide range of packaging solutions across many industries, but our core fundamentals and values are still the same.

Punchbowl Packaging is part of a vertically-integrated family of companies, spanning everything from orchards to post-harvest facilities to horticulture packaging solutions. This connection is part of our strength - when we develop a new product, our group of companies is the first to try it, test it, and iron out any speed bumps. By the time we present a new innovation to customers, we are confident it works.

Our roots dig deep in to horticulture, but our solutions focus has made us the packaging go-to across a number of industries. We strive to provide packaging solutions that truly deliver value to a business. To do that, we work hard to understand your business and your needs. For our friendly, hardworking team, collaboration with customers is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. We get huge satisfaction from getting to know you, working with you and, most importantly, finding you solutions.

The Punchbowl Packaging Team

Mark Roche
Automation and Packaging Engineer

Since he joined Punchbowl packaging two years ago, Mark Roche has seen a surge in the number of customers wanting more sustainable packaging solutions.
“Finding and developing sustainable packaging options is an increasing role, for an increasing number of people, in the business<” Mark says. “We love the challenge of finding or creating packaging solutions which are better for the environment, cost-effective, and still strong enough to do the job.”

Mark is a packaging and automation engineer. He spent 15 years at Plant and Food Research, starting as a graduate and working his way up to head of its engineering workshops.

Mark and his wife Rachel have three sons. The Roche’s love “relaxed, cruisy” snapper fishing in summer, and motorbike trail riding all year round. The boys are starting to outpace Dad, so Mark says there’ll be an interesting couple of years of trail biking coming up.

“It’s a great sport,” he says. “We have a lot of fun out there.”

Tünde Lovestyán
Sales and Development Specialist

Tünde Lovestyán, Punchbowl Packaging's Sales and Business Development Manager, moved 18,000km across the world to live in New Zealand. Tünde and her partner András left Hungary almost four years ago for an adventure in a country they had seen only in films, such as Lord of the Rings.

With eight years’ experience in packaging, including roles in sales, product development and project management, Tünde was snapped up by Punchbowl Packaging and has quickly established herself as a key player in the team.

Tünde and András love the outdoors and spend many weekends hiking, kayaking and taking part in fundraising walks for charity.

“I love travelling and exploring. We were so excited to move to New Zealand – the other side of the world – and we love getting out amongst this country’s magnificent scenery.”